Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a front-end web developer.

My last name is really hard to pronounce.


My name is Aaron Ladage, and I'm a full-time UI engineer for DEG and freelance developer from Overland Park, Kansas.

My background and education are in writing and journalism, but I quickly found my passion for the web and have been working professionally as a developer for about 10 years.

I love all things web and can do full-stack work (mostly PHP), but I've focused my career on getting good at JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I get way too excited about web standards, front-end workflows and build processes. My pride and joy is Yeo+Lab, a front-end website scaffolding tool I built to accelerate the creation of sites that follow the atomic design methodology.

I'm also the creator of, a testing utility for onscreen keyboards, input types and validation patterns.

Outside of work and freelance, I'm a diehard Iowa State Cyclones fan, a cliché Kansas City BBQ snob, and I brew some really bad beer.